Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Away In A Manger

We’ve made Nigel a little bed, which brought to mind our favourite carol.
Mums Monkey Away in a manger
Away in a manger, a box for a bed
Away in A Manger - Nigel
 The little baby Nigel lays down his sweet head ….
Picture 908
Darrell is cooing
 Picture 909
The baby awakes
Picture 906
But little baby Nigel no crying he makes.
I think the festive bandanas make us look like on trend Yuletide shepherds.  I also think that these pictures will be the nearest we will get to being in a Nativity Play this year, perhaps next year we can be in a real one.

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Mr. D said...

Maybe the Beeb will do a nativity play starring all of you next year.