Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Our First Secret Santa - Obeying The Rules

The ladies in the Reprographic Office are having a Secret Santa tomorrow, and asked if we would like to join in with their festive merriment.  The only rule is that the gift must only cost £1.
Secret Santa
Our contribution naturally reflects the Yuletide Season, because at this time of year we like to embrace the theme wholeheartedly. We’re giving festive towels, but shhhhhhhhhhh, we need to keep it secret!
Secret Santa 1
It was most fortuitous that we found them in the summer sales for 99p each …. but we will put a penny in an envelope with our parcels, so that the recipient doesn't feel that we have fiddled them and also to make sure we haven't infringed the rules of "The Secret Santa", should there be an appointed adjudicator there, like on Lottery Live. Any festive faux pas in the etiquette of Secret Santa would be so embarrassing.
Secret Santa 2
Darrell has become quite accomplished in the art of  festive gift wrapping, he says he has Kirsty Alsop and that Phil fella to thank for that!

It’s all very exciting …… we will take our gifts in the morning and put them in the the Reprographic Sack of Festive Joy.
Secret Santa 4

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Mr.D said...

I wonder how many go to the pound store to find something for the Secret Santa. Not much of a secret if you blab about it on the blog mind.