Monday, 13 December 2010

Snowman Soup? – A Festive Misunderstanding

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The hostelry across the road from us has a big sign outside saying “festive drinks now being served”.  I thought this would be a lovely mid morning seasonal treat for me and Darrell to warm our cockles and get us in the joyful spirit of Christmas.
Picture 827
However, when I popped in to ask if they were serving snowman soup, our festive hot drink of celebratory Yuletide choice, the young lady looked at me a little askance, pointed to the menu board and said “The Soupe du Jour is cream of chicken with herby croutons today, Darling, we ain’t got nothing with snowmen in it.” Perhaps I misunderstood the sign.

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Mr.D said...

How disappointing. I would have expected such drinks as eggnog, hot toddy and mulled wine. They could do something for the drivers, maybe hot spicy chocolate. What a shame.