Thursday, 2 December 2010

Our Village Festive Illuminations, Blackpool Has No Need to Fear!

Village Christmas Tree 1
How exciting! I got up really early a couple of days ago (before the snow came) to get some milk for my sugar puffs and Monkey’s muesli, when I saw the men from the council  putting the Christmas lights on the tree in the middle of the village.
Picture 089
What an exciting job…….  bringing the joy of festive lights to the community and helping to light the way for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.
Village Christmas Tree
I had high expectations of a goose bump moment when I went to revisit the tree later on, when it had gone dark …..
Christmas Lights
Hmmmmmmm , I think they have missed the mark a little, in the “Awe and Wonder” stakes, as the reality didn’t quite live up to the twinkling vision of festive magic and loveliness that I had imagined.


Mr.D said...

They say it's the thought that counts but these people have no idea. Better luck next time.

Georgina said...

I was hoping to see a good display when I'm in the area next Friday - it looks like I shall be disappointed. :(

However, I suppose the spirit is still there!