Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Very Special Card from Jane

Look what one of our lovely followers has sent us…..
Picture 855
It’s a card that looks like a proper magazine cover with us on the front ….. how BRILLIANT is that?
Picture 856
And it has little headlines about us too!  We are so overwhelmed! Look, it’s even got that we won X Factor!
Picture 857
And Darrell blushed to almost the same colour as his Santa suit when he saw this!
Picture 860
We’ve read it hundreds of times, and it makes us smile every time we do.
Picture 861
Thank you Jane ……. we are so blessed in a UK! Magazine type way!!!!


Mr.D said...

It all must be true, what is says on the card as it is in print. When's the wedding?

Anj said...

How exciting to be up there with the celebs of this world!!!