Monday, 27 December 2010

Monkey & Darrell Cook!

Tired of turkey?
Marmite Bagel
Today we are showing you how to make “our own recipe” marmite bagel ….. You’ll need a Marmite bagel, a Dairy Lea triangle, some Marmite and a Peperami sausage, all wonderful ingredients on their own, but when put together, Mama Mia!
Marmite Bagel 1
Cut the bagel in half ……..
Dairylea Triangle
and spread with the Dairy Lea Triangle. Be careful not to get any foil in it, as it will make your teeth go all funny.
More Marmite
Apply a light slathering of Marmite on top the Dairy Lea.
Slice up a Peperami and arrange it artistically on the bottom half of the bagel. Put the bagel together and cut into four equal parts……..
Marmite Bagel 4
Then share with a friend.
Picture 968
Nom, nom, nom, nom nom. I wonder when we’ll get a phone call from Sainsbury’s saying they’ve sacked Jamie Oliver?

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Mr. D said...

Sounds nommingly good. Five noms? Are the words nom and nommingly in the dictionary?