Friday, 24 December 2010

In Charge of Pillow Presents

One of our little family Christmas traditions is a parcel containing new pyjamas at the end of each bed and a small, silly “pillow present” on each pillow.
Pillow Presents
Darrell and I have been put in charge of “pillow presents” this Christmas and so I have been popping over to the paper shop across the road once a week  to see what Ali has been putting in his 30p each or 4 for £1 box.  I have found a veritable treasure trove of treasure …….
Dinosaur Pillow Presents
For Tom I have found a “Dino in Gunk”  and a Dinosaur fossil model that you have to chisel out of a block of pretend Jurasic or Cretaceous stone.
Dr Who Pillow Presents
For Lucy, I have found two Dr Who do it yourself kits, one is to make a Tardis moneybox and the other is a “Grow Your Own Dr Who Monster”, how BRILLIANT is that?
Crafty Pillow Presents
We are giving the Lovely Laura two craft kits, one is a set of number stamps and the other has stickers and felt pens in, we fancied that for ourselves really!
Xmas Pillow present
And for Nigel we have got a little xylophone, we just hope he doesn't get too excited with it.  We might try and teach him to play a little carol on it.  I wonder what we will find on our pillows at bedtime?

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Mr. D said...

If Nigel knows his colours, he could play a tune by you calling out something like "red, orange, orange, green."
Make sure you don't put chocolates that could melt with the body's temperature and leave a bit of a mess.