Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Do they Know It’s Christmas?

Picture 936
It must be a bit sad being a rabbit left in a pet shop at Christmas.
Picture 938
I’d like a pet, but it’s a lot of responsibility, especially now we have Nigel to look after, and you have to think that a pet is for life, not just Christmas.
Picture 939
But after seeing I’m a Celebrity …..
Picture 941
I’m not overly keen on a rat as a pet, they have twitchy noses and beady eyes that make me feel uneasy.


Sarah xx said...

Oh Monkey! Rats make lovely pets, they are super intelligent and so much fun - mine even come when they are called by name!! I have missed them this Crimbo though as they are at their Grannies house co's they got snowed in!! xx

Mr. D said...

What about squirrels? Are these just rats with furry tails?

marc said...

Sarah is so right Monkey but they do need lots of looking after like any pet does including rats with posh tails , and as you say you have little Nigel to look after and if i say so my self he looks like he will need a lot of it , he has that look of what were who how about him lol . So you have done the best thing and just looked at the pets big love marc