Sunday, 19 December 2010

Heavens To Betsy!

This must be a record!!!!  We are wondering whether our blog has seriously affected the price of monkeys selling on e-bay!!!
Picture 184
We could be the new cabbage patch dolls!!! 


Ali said...

You two are priceless!!

marc said...

i am with Ali you two are worth so much more and One of my best pals is called Ali so she must be right big love marc

Mr. D said...

Cabbage Patch Dolls were a fad - you two are much more.

Mr. D (Smuggler) said...

Are you related to the P.G. Tips monkeys? I smuggled a big box of Tetley tea from Canada, even though the US Customs opened my rucksack. I also snook back a tin of corned beef and a box of Weetabix as a present for a friend. I didn't declare them on entering Mexico but they didn't search my bags.