Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We’ve Decked Our Hall With Boughs of Gingerbread Men

Deck the Hall with Gingerbread men
CHILDREN - PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS IN YOUR FESTIVE HOME – we have special heads that enable us to do this – HUMAN CHILDREN DON’T!
Gingerbreadman garland
We’ve finally decked our hall. but in this picture we had forgotten to add our candy canes, ooooops!
Christmas Decorations 2010 Darrell admires his work
Only three more sleeps before Santa comes ….
Festive Decorations Gingerbread men
We are trying so hard to stay calm …… but it’s almost impossible.


Angie said...

Your staircase looks wonderfully festive xx

Mr.D said...

You could do some nomming as you climb the stairs - unless you are cheating and using fake ginger or fake bread.
Mrs.D and I are in Canada for a wedding where I was upgraded from usher to best man at short notice. We have been skiing but Mrs.D had never been below +2 degrees Celsius and had never been in snow before.

Anj said...

I know human child who tried it - he had very sore ears for quite a while.... be warned!!

Monkey said...

Hello Mr D, we wondered where you had been xxx We missed you!