Monday, 20 December 2010

Nigel’s First Christmas Card

Every time the Postman calls there is always something of a festive nature left in the porch.
Christmas Post
This morning was no exception,  we found a parcel, made especially wonderful as it contained a card for Nigel, how brilliant and festively thoughtful is that?
Nigels First Christmas card
His little face was a picture when he opened it, he was so excited.
Robbie Williams Christmas 2010
And he wanted us to read it to him over and over again.Christmas 2010
In the parcel was also a card for Darrell and me from Marc and Rick and their three basset hounds, all handmade and very beautiful.
Presents Under the Christmas TreeAnd most exciting of all, were two small parcels that we have put under the little Christmas tree in kitchen.  We have had a little feel, but won’t open them until Christmas morning.
Christmas Baby
Christmas is just getting better and better, we just hope we don’t burst before the big day!


Angie said...

Happy Christmas to you all...hope you have a wonderful time. xx

Monkey and Darrell said...

Happy Christmas Angie xxxx

marc said...

M&D there is a little present for Nigel but it wont be finnished till after christmas and i forgot to put a little some thing in for him to open on christmas day i will see if i can get the post man to get some thing for nigel to open big love Marc

Ali said...

Monkey & Darrell, Tom here on my mums avatar - Thank you for mine & Jacks card. I am going to send you a little something but can you wait till the new year - my mum is not as organised as yours - and we've missed the xmas post deadlines!!!

marc said...

M&D posted a little something today for Nigel to cuddle/playwith lets hope it gets there so dont tell him just in casebig love marc

Mr. D said...

I hope you don't burst with excitement. It may knock the (metaphorical, not literal) stuffing out of you.