Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Picture 859
We are now making our final festive preparations and are almost ready to bring our Christmas tree indoors for a few days.  It’s been in the garden in its pot for about two years now and is really beautiful.
Our Christmas Tree
We’re just going to put white lights on it and some little gem baubles but it’ll need a bit of a shake first, we don’t want to leave a trail of snowy puddles through the house.
Picture 852 
Our mate Noel popped in to drop off a card and partake in a mince pie or two with us.  He very much admired our festive branches and we all shared a moment or two of Christmastide awe and wonder.

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Mr. D said...

I hope the tree can cope with the change in temperature. We wouldn't want any problems would we?