Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Confectionary Review – Our Cadbury’s Advent Calendar

Cadbury’s  Advent Calendars are 2 for £3 in our SPAR, so we got one for us to share and one for Lucy.
Cadbury's Advent Calendar
It took us ages for find the window with No. 1 on and when we did it was quite fiddly to open with our stumpy hands.
Cadbury's Advent calendar 1
As we are sharing, we have decided that Darrell will open the odd numbered windows and I will open the even ones.
 Picture 129
Today was a chocolate cracker and the picture behind it was of Father Christmas, very apt, considering the clothes we are wearing.
Opening Advent calendar 1st december 2010
“Smooth and creamy, as one would expect from our leading chocolate manufacturer” said Darrell as he popped the chocolate in his festive bouche .(French for mouth)
Christmas Bingo
There is a game of bingo on the back to cut out and play, “That’s sorted out what we can do after The Queens Speech” said Darrell …. “a rousing family game of Bingo”  Cadbury’s have thought of everything!  We are also wondering if we can take the plastic out of the packaging when it is finished with and use it to mould our own Christmas chocolates for next year …….    We award our calendar 3 Noms.


Mr.D said...

You can get Cadbury's chocolate here but it is Canadian and the taste isn't quite what we know and love. One or two noms maximum.

Devon said...

Loving the Santa suits :)