Saturday, 18 December 2010

Festive Fayre of a Marmite and Squirty Cream Nature

Darrell just can’t wait to help me unpack my Yuletide food shopping, he doesn’t even  give me a chance to get a cup of tea first!
Shopping in Waitrose
I have to say that my "Secret Santa" M & S shopping bag has proved to be a most useful and fortuitous gift for carrying my festive fayre home on the Banga bus. Yesterday, I thought, by way of a change, I would have a look and see what Waitrose had to offer in the way of Christmassy comestibles, as it is a little more up market than my usual shopping hunting grounds ……..
Marmite Bagels
…….. and I was very impressed, especially by their range of Marmitey items.  They had Marmite bagels, now how BRILLIANT is that??!!!!  Forget those Hester Blooming-Heck Christmas puddings with the orange in the middle, that you can’t get, we think our exclusive review of a Marmite Bagel and Dairylea triangle combo will have an anticipated high nom quota, and thus result in another shopping frenzy, resulting in shortages and Marmite bagels selling on e-bay for over £1,000+.   I also found Marmite flatbreads and Branston pickle flavoured rice cakes,  veritable festive gems of a savoury nature!
Waitrose meringue nests
I also stocked up on squirty cream and meringue nests …
Achor Squirty Cream
…….I should have known that Darrell would make a bee line for the said squirty cream …..
Squirty Cream
What is he like?  I steadfastly refused to aim the nozzle at his open mouth and squirt cream into it, it is such common and unseemly behaviour, especially now that I am a Waitrose shopper, I have certain standards to uphold and must maintain the air of dignity of a customer of discerning taste.


Darcy said...

hahahahaha omg I do chuckle at this blog, but especially that last photo with the cream, had me LOL

marc said...

great shopping monkey dont eat it all in one go ,i dont like marmite, i would rather have a mashed potato and cheese sandwich big love marc

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

HAHAHA! I luv Marmite too, it keeps my eyes brown. I luv skwerty creem as well. I like to chase my sister wiv it! Hehe!

Mummy goze to Waitrose but I prefer Tesco. I've got my own loyalty card an I noe the meening ov loyal. I also like riding in the trolley. They don't let me go fast in Waitrose.

Mr. D said...

I have never heard of Flatbread - do they employ portly people to sit on ordinary bread? Did you see George on the Banga bus?
I have got a lot of catching up to do as we were in Canada for Xmas.