Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Years Tut – A Gift for the Ladies.

After Christmas it’s a family tradition that we all go off and make little gifts for our really close family to give at Midnight on New Year Eve – it’s called New Year’s Tut, because that’s what people usually do when they open their parcels!!!!
Picture 979
So, we thought we would show you one of our ideas – if it’s a success, we may even start our own craft blog!
Soap and hankies
It's a “make” for the ladies, it combines two of their most favourite things; soap and hankies.
Hankerchief Gift
Place a “posh” soap (we’ve used royal jelly and honey one) in the middle of the hankie.
Picture 984
Scrunch it all up together and tie a ribbon round the middle and fluff up the ends of the hankie a bit.
Picture 977
Aye Whala ….. a beautiful gift, that any lady would love to grace their boudoir! We’ve made one each for Auntie Jan, Lucy, Lovely Laura and Granny. They will be so chuffed!  And we feel like Blue Peter presenters!!


Junie said...

Oh what a fantastic idea !!! I am sure all the women in your family will adore your gifts !!! If you get a minute please check out my blog for another gift idea for another time !!! HUGS

Mr. D said...

Royal soap sounds posh. Here´s one I made earlier. "Aye Whala?" Et voila?