Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Secret Santa – The Reprographic Sack of Festive Joy

It was our job to go round to all the ladies offices to collect all the Secret Santa parcels. There was an air of expectant expectation as we proffered our sack for filling and all the ladies were, we noticed, quite twittery in a Yuletide fashion.
Picture 201
We all gathered in the biggest office at 11 o’clock and the Ladies from Finance bought a cheese board, mini doughnuts and other dainties for a mid morning Yuletide festive feast, which in our excitement, we forgot to photograph, but it was an 8 nom occasion.
Picture 212
There was a little discussion as to how the parcels should be drawn, but in the end The Ladies decided to go in backwards, alphabetical, surname order, so we started at W. As neither of us has a surname, we were last to delve into the sack of festive joy, but that only added to our excited tension.
Picture 214
I received a lovely mini Marks and Spencer shopping bag, which is just perfect for when I nip to the shops to purchase items of a Christmasy nature
Picture 215
And Darrell received an Avon coconut and lemon grass room and linen spray which was wrapped up to look like a lovely cracker.  Once he'd opened his parcel, he couldn’t get home fast enough to spray all our linen. He also thought it would come in very useful in case there was another sprout burning episode like there was last year! We are so very lucky.


Mr. D said...

Eight noms - a hugely impressive figure. Is that a record?

Darrell said...

Mr D - 8 noms is good - but our expectant festive Christmas dinner may exceed this!

Anj said...

ooo! it's our SS tomorrow AND we have a festive buffet (on the down side we have to endure a team meeting before nomming can begin!)

Happy1234 said...

Just wanted to say Thankyou so much for the lovely christmas card - 2 years on the trot :)