Saturday, 25 December 2010

It’s Christmas Day and Santa’s Been!

Christmas Morning Opening Presents
He’s been …. and we are totally overwhelmed. We were only allowed to put two presents on our list ….. but Father Christmas has bought us lots of things, we are so blessed in a Hello Magazine type way.
Mini Denim Rucksack
I got a rucksack for my Czech holiday, just like I wanted, and a little torch and  monkey zipper clipper for my jacket.
Stacey Solomon
Darrell got two framed pictures of Stacey Solomon was just like he asked for, some play dough with little cutters and a little torch too.
Marmite for Christmas
And Nigel got a very large jar of Marmite and a drum kit . You may have noticed that we are wearing scarves in bed, they were another BRILLIANT present of a hand knitted nature from our mum.
Jeli-deli monkey keyring
I also had a lovely key ring from the PE Lady, which will look lovely hanging on my rucksack. ……And look what our friend Marc made for us ………
Knitted Chick egg cosy Knitted chick egg cosy 2
….egg cosies for our festive boiled eggs, how cute are they?
Christmas Morning 2010 Chez Monkey
We are so lucky and we’ve had a lovely morning and hope you have too.  Happy Christmas xxxxxx Love Monkey, Darrell and Nigel.


Anj said...

Father Christmas is so kind - I had lovelyt gifts too... x

Mr. D said...

You must have been good Monkeys to receive all of these gifts. The egg cosies are great too.