Friday, 31 December 2010

A Touch of the Indiana Jones’s?

Monkey Egg Cups
We have much to do today, as we have a party to prepare for  ............ so what better way to start the last day of 2010 than with a hearty breakfast of  boiled eggs, served in the monkey egg cups and eaten with monkey spoons Auntie Jan gave us for Christmas……  How BRILLIANT are they? 
Breakfast Egg
Darrell made me feel a little queasy when he said “Sitting here like this reminds me of a scene from an Indiana Jones film” …………. what is he like? 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year – New Shirts from Tesco

It feels like we have been in our Santa suits for months, so it is feels lovely, now the festive season is drawing to an end, to be able to dress a little more comfortably.
New Shirts
We love Tesco’s – “Florence and Fred” range, they have really “on trend” outfits for the more discerning customer on a tight budget, like us! These shirts are especially brilliant because Darrell hasn’t quite mastered the gentleman’s art of tie tying yet, but here, he can maintain the smart/casual look without the effort. BRILLIANT!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Years Tut – A Gift for the Ladies.

After Christmas it’s a family tradition that we all go off and make little gifts for our really close family to give at Midnight on New Year Eve – it’s called New Year’s Tut, because that’s what people usually do when they open their parcels!!!!
Picture 979
So, we thought we would show you one of our ideas – if it’s a success, we may even start our own craft blog!
Soap and hankies
It's a “make” for the ladies, it combines two of their most favourite things; soap and hankies.
Hankerchief Gift
Place a “posh” soap (we’ve used royal jelly and honey one) in the middle of the hankie.
Picture 984
Scrunch it all up together and tie a ribbon round the middle and fluff up the ends of the hankie a bit.
Picture 977
Aye Whala ….. a beautiful gift, that any lady would love to grace their boudoir! We’ve made one each for Auntie Jan, Lucy, Lovely Laura and Granny. They will be so chuffed!  And we feel like Blue Peter presenters!!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Do they Know It’s Christmas?

Picture 936
It must be a bit sad being a rabbit left in a pet shop at Christmas.
Picture 938
I’d like a pet, but it’s a lot of responsibility, especially now we have Nigel to look after, and you have to think that a pet is for life, not just Christmas.
Picture 939
But after seeing I’m a Celebrity …..
Picture 941
I’m not overly keen on a rat as a pet, they have twitchy noses and beady eyes that make me feel uneasy.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Monkey & Darrell Cook!

Tired of turkey?
Marmite Bagel
Today we are showing you how to make “our own recipe” marmite bagel ….. You’ll need a Marmite bagel, a Dairy Lea triangle, some Marmite and a Peperami sausage, all wonderful ingredients on their own, but when put together, Mama Mia!
Marmite Bagel 1
Cut the bagel in half ……..
Dairylea Triangle
and spread with the Dairy Lea Triangle. Be careful not to get any foil in it, as it will make your teeth go all funny.
More Marmite
Apply a light slathering of Marmite on top the Dairy Lea.
Slice up a Peperami and arrange it artistically on the bottom half of the bagel. Put the bagel together and cut into four equal parts……..
Marmite Bagel 4
Then share with a friend.
Picture 968
Nom, nom, nom, nom nom. I wonder when we’ll get a phone call from Sainsbury’s saying they’ve sacked Jamie Oliver?

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Leaving A Message For Stacey Solomon

Picture 1000
Darrell popped onto Facebook on Christmas Day – and saw that Stacey Solomon had posted a message to all her fans ….. so he replied …….

Mistletoe Kisses

Picture 943
If I stay here long enough and look nonchalant ……. perhaps I’ll get just one little Christmas kiss …..

Saturday, 25 December 2010

It’s Christmas Day and Santa’s Been!

Christmas Morning Opening Presents
He’s been …. and we are totally overwhelmed. We were only allowed to put two presents on our list ….. but Father Christmas has bought us lots of things, we are so blessed in a Hello Magazine type way.
Mini Denim Rucksack
I got a rucksack for my Czech holiday, just like I wanted, and a little torch and  monkey zipper clipper for my jacket.
Stacey Solomon
Darrell got two framed pictures of Stacey Solomon was just like he asked for, some play dough with little cutters and a little torch too.
Marmite for Christmas
And Nigel got a very large jar of Marmite and a drum kit . You may have noticed that we are wearing scarves in bed, they were another BRILLIANT present of a hand knitted nature from our mum.
Jeli-deli monkey keyring
I also had a lovely key ring from the PE Lady, which will look lovely hanging on my rucksack. ……And look what our friend Marc made for us ………
Knitted Chick egg cosy Knitted chick egg cosy 2
….egg cosies for our festive boiled eggs, how cute are they?
Christmas Morning 2010 Chez Monkey
We are so lucky and we’ve had a lovely morning and hope you have too.  Happy Christmas xxxxxx Love Monkey, Darrell and Nigel.

Friday, 24 December 2010

‘Twas The Day Before Christmas ….

Mum's Monkey Darrell Hanging Up His Stocking
There is SO much to do on Christmas Eve. We’ve hung up our stockings on a washing hanger on our bedroom radiator, festooning it with tinsel, it looks wonderful, and naturally Nigel wanted to help.
And the stockings were hung
We’ve put our badges on our stockings so that Father Christmas knows who’s is who’s. It’s all so very twinkly and beautiful …..
Picture 893
It almost takes our breath away.

Leaving A Bit To Eat For Father Christmas

We thought that perhaps Father Christmas might appreciate something a bit different from mince pies by the time he gets to our house …..
Snacks for Santa
So we’re leaving him a Marmite bagel (the recipe to follow after Christmas), some crisps, two Lindor chocolates and some orange squash.  We’re also leaving Rudolph two big carrots.
Snacks for Santa 1
I wonder how many noms he will give us?

In Charge of Pillow Presents

One of our little family Christmas traditions is a parcel containing new pyjamas at the end of each bed and a small, silly “pillow present” on each pillow.
Pillow Presents
Darrell and I have been put in charge of “pillow presents” this Christmas and so I have been popping over to the paper shop across the road once a week  to see what Ali has been putting in his 30p each or 4 for £1 box.  I have found a veritable treasure trove of treasure …….
Dinosaur Pillow Presents
For Tom I have found a “Dino in Gunk”  and a Dinosaur fossil model that you have to chisel out of a block of pretend Jurasic or Cretaceous stone.
Dr Who Pillow Presents
For Lucy, I have found two Dr Who do it yourself kits, one is to make a Tardis moneybox and the other is a “Grow Your Own Dr Who Monster”, how BRILLIANT is that?
Crafty Pillow Presents
We are giving the Lovely Laura two craft kits, one is a set of number stamps and the other has stickers and felt pens in, we fancied that for ourselves really!
Xmas Pillow present
And for Nigel we have got a little xylophone, we just hope he doesn't get too excited with it.  We might try and teach him to play a little carol on it.  I wonder what we will find on our pillows at bedtime?

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Checking Our Christmas Lanterns

Checking Our Christmas Lanterns 2010
On Christmas Eve and over the Yuletide holiday we light candles in all the lanterns in the trees in our garden to remember all the special people who can’t be with us at Christmas, especially Granny Sheila.
Christmas Lanterns 
It takes a little while, as there are quite a few to put candles in, but it’s worth it as the garden looks very beautiful, and fills us with special awe and wonder.
Christmas lanterns a
And if this snow stays, it’ll be even more magical.
Festive Lanterns Snow in My Eyes

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We’ve Decked Our Hall With Boughs of Gingerbread Men

Deck the Hall with Gingerbread men
CHILDREN - PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS IN YOUR FESTIVE HOME – we have special heads that enable us to do this – HUMAN CHILDREN DON’T!
Gingerbreadman garland
We’ve finally decked our hall. but in this picture we had forgotten to add our candy canes, ooooops!
Christmas Decorations 2010 Darrell admires his work
Only three more sleeps before Santa comes ….
Festive Decorations Gingerbread men
We are trying so hard to stay calm …… but it’s almost impossible.

If You Can’t Beat Him – Join Him!

Mum's Monkey Festive Bandana 1
Darrell has very persuasive ways when he puts his mind to something, and he has finally got me to try wearing a festive bandana like him - Mr. Gok Wan himself!
festive Bandana
I’m not sure……  I like my ears to show, and he has tied it a bit tight so I my eyes feel all slitty and pulled back, like I have had plastic surgery of a dodgy nature.
Mum's Monkey festive Bandana 2
Still it won’t hurt to don a little gay of apparel for the festive season, especially if it’s in merry measure, fa la la la la, la la la la!