Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Night Out With The Ladies …..

Hilary, one of the “Office Ladies” at work, is a bit of a thespian and asked if any of the other Office Ladies would like to attend the Opening Night of her latest play “Calendar Girls” at the local village hall.
pre theatre drinkEnjoying pre-theatre drinkie poos!
There was a murmuring of titterings  when Hilary, the aforementioned thespian, announced that she would be ….. “getting her kit off” for the production, but, said it was integral part of her role …..  that it was all in the best possible taste ……  and that it had all been very carefully choreographed so that her modesty would remain intact at all times …… The ladies then asked if Darrell, Nigel and my good self  would like to join them ………. I said that inviting Darrell and Nigel was not a good idea … but that I would be delighted to accompany them,  as I had seen Hilary tread the boards before as a nun and since then had been quite a enamoured …..
The Piggot ArmsThe ladies decided that as they were in for a penny, they may as well be in for a pound so they may as well make a night of it and partake in a small pre theatre repast before the show … I felt very sophisticated in an simple village type way …..
The menu, at the ladies eaterie of choice was most appealing……
Table 36……. and after ordering they put me in charge of listening for our table number as they were all quite embroiled in "office" conversation.Mushroom RarebitWhen the food arrived I started off with a  most pleasant mushroom rarebit ….. 
Tageatelle…. followed by a very acceptable goats cheese tagealelle, with sides of garlic bread and beer battered onions rings ….. I chowed and nommed happily, while I listened and occasionally smiled at the ladies (at times) rather risqué “lady banter”!
Calendar GirlsAnd then,  it was time to take our seats in the village hall, the excitement was both tangible and palpable, and we all hoped that Hilary wouldn’t get too cold when her “moment” of nakedness arrived. 
Pattingham Drama GroupUnfortunately, I missed that momentous moment, because, with the most indelicate of timing, my bag of glacier fruits dropped from my lap and onto the floor thus scattering it’s contents all over the floor …… I don’t think too many people noticed though …. what am I like?


Anonymous said...

You are a true gentleman, very thoughtful...having the bag of glacier fruits was a lucky break, a multipurpose treat...Dianne

Mr.D said...

"It had all been very carefully choreographed so that her modesty would remain intact at all times." Just as well she is a modest person.