Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fighting With Demons–To Nip And Tuck Or Not To Nip And Tuck?

I have done something quite, quite out of character, something, that if Darrell had done it, most people would accept as just being part of Darrell,  ….. but from me,  I am sure there will be a few robust gasps of incredulity …..
Nip and Tuck….. but after much inner debate, soul searching and mirror preening,  I finally decided to undergo a minor cosmetic surgical procedure.
Easy like Sunday Morning_thumb[2]When I occassionally flicked through our photo albums in the privacy of my bed chamber  I began to notice that my boyish dimples had all but disappeared and my face appeared to have dropped a little resulting in quite a dour and serious facial demeanour …..
Lemon Drizzle cake recipe[9]It wasn’t a decision I took lightly …. and it took me some time to finally confide in Darrell my worries, but as ever he was extremely encouraging and surgically curious!
minor surgical procedure The bandages need to stay on for a couple of days …. and then all will be revealed. I am hoping that the results will be subtle and barely noticeable, without complications  …. thus renewing my self esteem, ready for the festive season …….. and beyond!


Anonymous said...

You haven't been watching Joan River's on QVC have you Monkey - no you are the sensible one - I'm a wee bit concerned non the less. I can tell by Darrell's face he is most inquisitive - oh dear.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Did it knock the stuffing out of you?
Did it take the stuffing out of you?
Where was the operation done?
Hopefully you will be smiling away very soon.

Di said...

Oooer, a big step Monkey! I'll be waiting for the unveiling with bated breath. I'm guessing it's no good sending you grapes to assist in your recovery right now :(

Hugs, Di xx

MorningAJ said...

Does it hurt? I hope the results are what you hoped for.

Anonymous said...

Brave decision, but I am certain you considered all the consequences and decided to go for it! Sharing Darrell's concerns and waiting for the unveiling......Dianne