Thursday, 15 November 2012

VELCRO® Helping Us Support Movember

I am always a little wary when Darrell disappears to do a little “crafting” upstairs because he is usually up to something ….007…… but, as I could hear him humming in a happy and industrious fashion, I decided to just wait and see …..
Velcro Month Stick on Velcro…. as all would inevitably be unveiled in the fullness of time.
National Velcro Month and MovemberHowever, after about ten minutes I heard a strange quick ripping noise and Darrell yelp most alarmingly and thus felt compelled to rush up to his innermost sanctum to see what was occurring. I found Darrell with a piece of VELCRO® stuck to his top lip ….. and tears streaming down his face……
Velcro Moustache. Velcro Month MovemberHe’d been making a moustache to wear in support of all the other gentlemen at work who are growing their own in support of Movember and had decided that VELCRO® would be far more secure than double sided tape …… but on his first trial run he had “whipped” it off a little too quickly…… causing his most unearthly  yet robust shriek of pain!
016Movember Moustache
Unfortunatley Most generously, Darrell had also made me and Nigel a moustache too and it would have looked extremely cowardly, very ungrateful and unsupportive if we hadn’t joined him in wearing them with him too  ...... VELCRO® or not …..
Movember StudHowever, we all now seem destined to wear them until the very end Movember (at least)  as none of us dare remove them for fear of the excruciating pain that would invariably ensue and the possible prospect of losing our top lips forever!


Anonymous said...

I think those moustaches are very becoming. I think a dickie bow is called for too - infact I can see it in sepia - maybe in a Victorian palour.......or am I getting swept away in the moment or should that be, swept away in the moustache?
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

A dickie bow that spins JtF?
How did they attach the Velcro in the first place? Superglue? Needle and thread? Non-permanent glue? Heated glue stick? Ouch. That would bring a tear to your eyes.

marc said...

you need to make a few different style ones so you can mix and match great use for velcro big love marc

Anonymous said...

Endless possibilities for fashion looks to go with thee very prominent all are dedicated martyrs for a fun cause...looking good! How are you going to eat? Will they get damp and stained should you have soup?...questions, questions....Dianne

Di said...

Ha, ha - all that's missing are the sombreros and ponchos :) Hugs, Di xx