Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy “Belated” Halloween

Halloween ParcelWhile Darrell was away in London a mahoooosive parcel arrived with a big air mail sticker on,  it was from Christopher our friend in sunny and romantic Florida.
Halloween Parcel from ChristopherBut,  as it was addressed to all of us,  we decided to leave it unopened until Darrell returned to the family bosom.
Halloween CardsThe inside the parcel was both overwhelming and wondrous, with a Halloween card for each of us ….
sweeties akimbo snickers…… trick or treat sweets of an American type nature, including peanut butter cups which we adore robustly, but don’t indulge in very often,  it made us feel very spoilt ….
Reeses peanut butter cups…. but we had to tell Nigel, firmly, that they would have to be rationed and he could have one small bar and a peanut butter cup each day ….. otherwise, he’d have them all eaten before bedtime and then we would undoubtedly have to deal with the unsavoury consequences!
ArtMinds glitterThere was also two mahooosive jars of micro glitter which was most fortuitous as we have just begun to put our much feted Christmas cards together and this glitter will come in very useful!!!!
051And finally,  attached to the Halloween trick or treat house was a little cuddly bat …. which Nigel asked if he could keep for himself ….
Halloween GiftAhhhh bless him.  We cannot thank Christopher enough for thinking of us and sending us such a wonderful present.  THANK YOU CHRISTOPHER XXXXXXX


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful gift from sunny Florida. Good old Christopher.
How did Darrell manage to get a holiday in school term time?

Monkey said...

Mr D .....Darrell was in London during Half Term .... !

Mr.D said...

Ah, I see. Thanks.
A very late half term?
More like a three quarters term?
Maybe the reporting back was delayed so he could supply the pictures.

marc said...

i love those gifts christopher is a good bean big love marc

Anonymous said...

those peanut butter cups must have taken the long way round!! should have been there for trick or treat.....better late than never with peanut butter cups!...much love..Dianne