Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nigel Muses With Great Earnest (Whoever Great Earnest Is!)

Special Interest in Skin conditionsWhere do the pink lemons come from to make pink lemonade?


Mr.D said...

From the pink lemon tree?
Earnestly speaking, element-tree my dear Watson.

marc said...

mr D your dead smart you are, your like one of those important book things that are to big to steal from the libary and cost lots to buy ,but you could buy them on the never never from door to door sales mens for 2&6 aweek for about 50 yrs ,i think they are called emsyclopediers or books that know it all or something like that i know its not a comic book as they only cost a shinny sixpence at christmas time big love marc

Mr.D said...

Marc - thank you once again for your kind words. You can also get pink lemons by entering the pink lemon shop. Lemon entry my dear Watson!