Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Chargers Aplenty

Darrell has been thoroughly spoilt by Hugh, and though tres, tres showbiz Hugh does everything of a domestic nature himself, he says it’s very important for him to stay grounded……..
Gerberer……no detail, no matter how small  has been overlooked …. from the very romantic flowers in Darrell’s room …blood red gerbera and white roses …..075….. to Darrell’s morning “amuse bouche”,  a mahooosive charger piled high with fruits de la monde,  served to him in bed before rising.fruit PlatterHugh had obviously remembered our vigorous 5 a day routine and Darrell was totally overwhelmed but still managed to tuck in robustly. I just hope Darrell doesn’t get a taste for this sort of high life when he comes home,  I certainly won’t be presenting him with a fully loaded charger every morning.
Excellent HostAnd as for Darrell’s breakfast ….
Hughs Kitchen…… prepared with great care in Hugh’s very well equipped fairy light strewn kitchen ….. scrambled egg of quail served sur le muffin and once again presented on a gold charger, which Hugh informed Darrell so so so  de rigueur in London this season.
Quails EggsScrambled Eggs…. …….. again I just hope Darrell doesn’t get a taste for quails eggs  now, because I’m afraid it will be very much Weetabix on the hoof as per usual once we are all back at work.
026For those eagled eyed and muffin curious amongst you, who perhaps wondered what happened to the remaining half of one of Darrell’s muffins that didn’t have scrambled egg on it, Hugh served it, cut in two and spread with limited edition Marmite Gold ….. nom, nom, nom, it’s sooooooo ALL in the detail with Hugh! Buon Appetito Darrell!


Mr.D said...

“Amuse bouche,” bite size so one doesn't have to overly work the mouth with a huge chomp first thing in the morning?
The kitchen looks amazing, with many implements. It looks like a culinary disco. Just as well Nigel isn't there, seeing as he has neither completed nor passed the sharp cutting knives safety course.
I assume there is no photo of the Marmite Gold because it went down in a trice.
I'm sure Mum is being looked after just as well by Marc as Darrell is by Hugh. Marc and Hugh are wonderful showbiz human beings and monkeys.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens...Darrell is obviously becoming oriented to this VERY comfortable London hospitality of Hugh and Marc...can he ever return to the simple life?? Fruit at the morning beside is going to figure in his daily routine for certain; living the London high life won't be easily forgotten!...Dianne


Anonymous said...

PS I suspect fairy lights will be appearing as part of the decor at Chateau Castle Greyskull!!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Just loving this life though the lens from London. Smiling all the while and wishing I was part of it.
I've never had anything served to me on a charger gold or otherwise. Always hoped for a knight on one - but alas my prince never arrived. Ho Hum - off to walk the pooch and muse on the goings on in the Big Smoke.
janthefan x

Di said...

Oh my, the kitchen looks fabulous! And I think they sell gold chargers in Sainsburys :) No doubt Hugh's come from somewhere like Harrods (or as my Alex used to call it 'that Egyptians grocer's corner shop') sigh. Di xx