Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Literally Green With Envy …

Purple mini carThe only time you will usually see Darrell or Nigel looking a little green round the gills is when they have indulged in a sugary comestible overload ….. however they have been VERY green (with envy) of late due to the arrival of a new car in the staff car park …..
020It’s an iridescent purple mini that belongs to Adam,  the new and very obliging and knowledgeable Computer Network Assistant ….. and Nigel and Darrell are completely besotted with it ….
I want a miniAll they do,  when they see,  it is sigh ….. and stroke it’s features …..
Drivers P Plate….. and continually try to lure and embroil Adam into partaking in  in-depth conversations of a vehicular type nature …
Little Purple Mini Car….. in an effort to persuade him to let them sit in it for just a little while, and sigh some more ….. what are they like?
Purple Fluffy Dice“This is truly the car of my dreams” Darrell has declared on more than one occasion ……. “You can forget Porches, Lambrinis or Ferrero Rochers …. I aspire to a little purple mini… complete with purple fluffy dice!”
Mini Gear stickAnd Nigel? He has started to perusing car polish catalogues and has taken a very keen interest in chamois leathers!Puple Mini.I am not sure how Adam feels about having a pair of goggle eyed groupies,  but I suspect that if there is ever a sponsored staff car wash event  Darrell and Nigel would be sat beside Adam’s mini with their bucket and squeegee offering to sponsor themselves to wash it!!!


Mr.D said...

The fluffy dice make all the difference.

Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys!!!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Looks like auto love is in full flower....the automobile magazines will be piling up! Perhaps they could offer to clean the windows weekly as a token of their auto love...Dianne