Friday, 9 November 2012

Welcome Home A Sad But Happy Wanderer …..

071The inevitable had to happen, time had flown by so unbelievably fast but alas it was time for Darrell to leave the romance of Hugh’s Notting Hill show biz life and London behind.
Juke BoxThey decided that rather than embarrass themselves with an emotional and tearful farewell at Euston Station they would have one last Vimto and Umbongo together and then Darrell would leave, on his own, and without looking back, begin his journey home …..
Streets of LondonBut then Darrell decided, a trifle foolishly, to put Dido’s  “Thank You” on the jukebox …. to try to put how he was feeling into words …..
“And I want to thank you for giving me
The best days of my life
Ohh, just to be with you is having
The best days of my life”
….. but unfortunately it completely dissolved  his and Hugh’s robust resolve to keep stiff upper lips, what are they like?
003However, by the time Darrell arrived back at Chateau Castle Greyskull he had composed himself and bounded in bearing many wonderful gifts from Hugh……..
Big Love Very Large Chocolate …….. a mahoooooosive bar of chocolate for us to share ….. with Hugh’s tag line “Big Love” on …
BVig Love Notebook….. a Big Love notebook for each of us,  for writing copious notes ….. Nigel said he was going to fill his with his musings and questioning questions.
Marmite Cutlery set…… And a lovely, lovely Marmite cutlery set which we will all fight to use in the mornings!John Lee Bird PostcardsDarrell also had a set of postcards and a huge poster from his artist friend John Lee Bird, which will be framed and put in pride of place on one of The Chateau’s walls when we find some suitable frames.
Big Love Organic ChocolateIt was so lovely to have Darrell back in our bosom, he had had such a fabulous time …. we could see in his eyes that he was missing Hugh and London, but was putting a brave face on for us ….. but hopefully in the New Year he would be able to go and visit him again …… And then he showed us something that he said was soooooo de rigueur in London this season ……………
Lounging London Way…… reclining in an elegant and leisurely type nature ……!!


Anonymous said...

Haha I'm loving the reclining! :-D x

Anonymous said...

I echo those thoughts Sarah S.
JantheFan x
p.s. brilliant presents there Darrell, I'm very taken with the cutlery......and the butterfly!

Mr.D said...

The farewell at the train station could have been a "Brief Encounter" moment, if you know the old movie.
Presents akimbo?
Big Love from Hugh and Marc? Mahoosive love perhaps?
I wonder if Darrell wants a chaise longue from Santa.

Di said...

Bwah, ha, ha - I just burst out laughing here at the 'reclining' :) Gold chargers and quails eggs next at breakfast time? Welcome home! Hugs, Di xx

marc said...

we miss you big love marc and co

Anonymous said...

A true blessing to have Big Love loving friends and special golden days together....such a perfect song....Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson would understand ...thank goodness there was a loving family waiting Darrell's return to soften the blow of friends parting.....lovely pictures...Dianne

Mr.D said...

P.S. The butterfly in Darrell's urm "hair" looks like a Monarch Butterfly. There is a place in Mexico where hundreds of millions go for the winter. It is an amazing sight. Maybe Christopher has seen some in Florida.