Friday, 23 November 2012

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here …..

Just in case you’ve been wondering ….. the answer is “YES”… “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” is our televisual viewing of choice at the moment ……. Obviously, just as with every year,  the “campers” have been the subject of much robust and heated debate sur le sofa,  chez Chateau Castle Greyskull …..
I'm A Celebrity.For example ….  we are convinced that Helen Flanagan has played a very clever  and cunning game ….. but we think we have seen right through it …..
I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! - Helen Flanagan…. we suspect that she conspired to start her “jungle adventure” by being a complete wuss, thereby ensuring that she would consistently be voted for to do all the tasks and thus maximise her TV coverage …. and then ….. 
……. just as the act was wearing thin …… she would suddenly get an appetite for cockroaches etc. and complete tasks with great aplomb and few squeals.  I'm A CelebrityCall us cynical ….. but no one can deny that we are very much aficionados of the reality TV genre!  Even Darrell, much prone to falling in deep amour with female contestants  during such programmes (who can forget his dalliance with Stacey Solomon!?!) …… has been stalwartly impervious to the aforementioned Miss Flanagan’s charms!
023Our position of choice whilst watching I’m A Celebrity is dans le London lounging and reclining style …….. Bush Tucker Trial….. with an ample supply of Haribo Horror Mix to do our own Bush Tucker Trials,  but in a much more palatable and digestible type nature.
Lounging In The London FashionSome of the Trials have been quite awful and even Nigel, who has been known to stomach an awful lot of gruesome things,  has had a look away on a number of occasions ……
Bush Tucker Trial.….. let’s just put it this way …. there will not be any in-depth ostrich anus or crocodile tentacle sampling and reviews on this blog …… EVER!
Bush Tucker Trial I'm A CelbrityBrian was our favourite to be crowned King Of The Jungle and we were sad to see him go, so we have now changed our allegiance is Dr Who …. Colin Baker because he seems very kind and unassuming.
We shall see …..


Anonymous said...

I was indeed wondering if you were soaking up the depths of Jungle Fever - I like Helen. I don't like Eric. Nuff said. You made me laugh today boys! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Tentacles........snigger snigger.
Do octopuses have tentacles and ....?

Can you actually see the television if you are lounging and reclining in the London stylee?

Anonymous said...

Your skills with London lounging and reclining are very impressive and you are definitely to the London (Manor) manner born where they are concerned......I would be staying away from anything even remotely resembling those creepy crawlies..YUK!....Dianne