Monday, 26 November 2012

A Pre-Advent Visit To “Festive Birmingham” With Darrell And Nigel ….. An On Going Saga!

It’s admittedly not quite as romantic as London,  but the bright lights of Birmingham can be just as exciting and hold as much mystery, especially to Nigel …
011……. and as it’s only about 20 minutes away from Castle Chateau Greyskull, as the crow flies by train, Darrell decided that while I needed a little peace and quiet after my “surgery”, he would treat Nigel to a “Pre Advent”  day out to the aforementioned city,  with the view of acclimatising Nigel to all the festive brouhaha  ….. and thus calming his robust propensity to get a little over excited!
Selfridges Birmingham..Their first port of call was to the iconic Selfridges emporium where they spent quite a lot of time, which is why I fear their adventures may turn out to be a bit of a saga ….
006It was here that Nigel had his first encounter with a very realistic faux Father Christmas …. and Darrell spotted something (in his opinion) that was rather strange …..
004…. on one of the Yuletide Tableaus……. it appeared (to him) that ALL the manikins were wearing Primark Christmas jumpers !!!!!!!! …… If he could have, he said that he would have looked at the labels in the back of the necks but there were rather a lot of large baubles in the way that could have made his passage precipitous …..
Chrostmas Selfridge Santa Birmingham ….. He was also very tempted to ask an obliging assistant where he could find/purchase such splendid jumpers ….. but then thought better of it!  Sometimes Darrell’s eye for “the detail” staggers me….. I suppose it would only take a minute for me to e-mail Selfridges to settle the conundrum for him!????


Anonymous said...

I am sure Selfridges would be most interested to hear all about your blog while you are asking all about their jumpers!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

"20 minutes away from Castle Chateau Greyskull, as the crow flies by train." I didn't know crows flew by train.

Anonymous said...

A festive holiday saga, an interesting faux Father Christmas AND the mystery of possible Primark jumpers in that was a fun, fascinating saga....Dianne

MorningAJ said...

You mean that Nigel spent so long in Selfridges that he missed out on all the street food at the Frankfurt Market? Surely not!