Saturday, 17 November 2012

Robustly Excited

We don’t know where to put ourselves ….. Darrell is so robustly excited that he is having to carry a brown paper bag around with him at all times to help with him hyperventilating with joy ….. because …..
Shopping MissionWe are going to meet the PE Lady’s Mum in REAL LIFE ….. how brilliant is that?  The PE Lady says that her mum is as equally as excited as we are and that she has baked two sorts of cake for our delectation ….. This is just toooooooooooooooooo mahoooooosively wonderful for words …. and we can’t help wondering wondering if she will be knitting or sewing when we arrive,  in between cutting the aforementioned two cakes???????
030… We all agreed that it would look most impolite for us to except the PE Lady’s Mum’s hospitality if we turned up empty handed (which is a Top Tip we have picked up from watching Come Dine With Me), so we charged Nigel with going to the Village Tesco Express over the road to find a small gift that was pertinent for the Mother of a PE Lady.  Celebrations chocolatesNigel’s choice, if choosing for himself,  would have been a smorgasbord of Dib Dabs, Refreshers, Milky Ways, and Animal Bars, but he knew that proper ladies, like the PE Lady’s Mum, prefer something a little more refined ….. so he finally opted for a mahoosive box of Celebrations, as indeed, our visit would be a celebration of “old friends” finally meeting for the first time.
Chocolate CelebrationsBless him, the box was almost as big as Nigel, but he is nothing but tenacious …. and after about an hour and a half of struggling  he finally got back home!
Special Offer CelebrationsWe agreed it was a most excellent choice, something The PE Lady’s Mum could dip into as a reward as she completed each row of her knitting.
Dishcloth Cotton Knitting YarnAnd talking of knitting, we thought we would present her with a ball of dishcloth cotton yarn …….  so that she could knit herself and the PE Lady a dishcloth ready for the festive season of double the washing up!


Anonymous said...

Just pure brilliance! JantheFan x

Di said...

Yup, sounds fabulous - hope you have fun. And, taking a second look at you guys with those fabulous Mexican bandit moustaches, I truly do think it should be sombreros, ponchos and guitars to serenade PE Lady’s Mum whilst partaking of her baking - snort, that rhymed :)) Hugs, Di xx

Mr.D said...

Nigel is very strong, carrying such a heavy box.
Tenacious N?
Di - great observation. They look like Pancho Villa with their moustaches. Villa was a Mexican Revolutionary.

Di said...

Bwah, ha, ha - and I thought Pancho Villa was a Mexican Adobe style house or bar Mr D :) Di xx

marc said...

your going to have such a fab time can i come to big love marc