Sunday, 4 November 2012

Notting Hill Bound

Darrell had been sooooooo excited about going to see Hugh, our best friend, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill again, it’s all he has been talking about for ages ….
The return of the wigAnd yes …. although we (and probably you too) had all prayed …. hoped  ….. thought that it might have disappeared, like most of Darrell’s other daft fazes, …… the “hair” was back! Darrell insisted it was all de rigueur amongst the Notting Hill Set and he didn’t want to look blatantly like the someone who had just stepped of the train from Wolverhampton! What is he like?
Coffee and a twixSo after much hugging and fond farewells …. Darrell caught the 13.45 Virgin Train to London and once settled, availed himself of the hospitality of the buffet carriage by indulging in the decadence of a latte and Twix combo.
Notting Hill StationWhen Darrell finally arrived at Notting Hill he said that his heart was pounding ….. Notting Hill has always been one of his most favourite films of a romantic type genre ….. in his head he could hear Ronan Keating singing “You Say It Best….” and with his (faux) floppy hair Darrell felt he could almost have been Hugh Grant ……
Hugh Notting HillHugh (our best friend, not Hugh Grant), was there to meet him, he looked great and smelt great too …… which wasn't suprising because Darrell couldn’t believe the number of bottles of Jean Paul Gaultier perfume that were lined up on the shelves in Hugh’s salle de bain …. and he(Dareell) later admitted to hiding his own bottle of Avon Wilderness in the bottom of his wash bag!
warm welcomeHugh, as always, was a most excellent host ….providing nibbles and “drinkie poos”, before the most exquisite supper of chicken, posh mash, assorted garlic roast vegetables including the most romantic stuffed munchkin he had ever seen, let alone tasted ….. it was 5 a day heaven ……
….. and Darrell vouched safe there and then that next time he did our Tesco online shop munchkins would be the first thing in his trolley!
Bed of Luxury After a little showbiz gossip where Hugh revealed which seemingly extremely slim celebrity was too fat to fit her specially made costumes ….. Darrell had to admit to his fatigue and retired to Hugh’s guest boudoir …………. again it was almost too heady and romantic for an ordinary Confidential Document Shredder Operative like Darrell to bear …..  his bed was deep and inviting,  with rich satin sheets and many, sumptuous cushions, all plumped to an inch of their lives …… Darrell felt very blessed in a Hello Magazine type way, he was living a little of Hugh’s dream.


Anonymous said...

Wow! this is all a Notting Hill dream come true....from the first moment of the train ride and the latte Twix combo to Hugh's warm welcome....a dear friend, lovely food, and luxurious sleeping accommodations are the stuff of a most memorable dream visit! ....
ps looking exceptionally hsndsome, Darrell!

Mr.D said...

Hugh is a wonderful host - I hope mum had a great time and laughed a lot as well.
"Stuffed munchkins?" I had images of Dorothy and what the wicked witch of the west may have done to stuff them. I had never heard of them as food but google says they are a breed of cat too. I hope Hugh didn't stuff and cook a cat, the way one might stuff a goose, turkey or chicken.

Di said...

How fabulous! What delectable food and such a sumptuous 'boudoir' for Darrell to retire to. No wonder he hid his Avon Wilderness in the bottom of his washbag! But, Hugh sounds like the perfect host who would be totally charming and overlook things like a Tescos 'four for £1' toothbrush placed alongside his gold plated Harrods one.

The munchkin looks fabulous BTW!!!

More details and photos please! :)

Hugs, Di xx

Anj said...

looking forward to hearing of your adventures with Hugh and, of course lots of photos!! Have fun! :-) x

marc said...

Darrell is a perfect guest and fitted in so well we would not care of he dabed a bit of jif behind each ear aslong as he was happy and having a lovely time now MR D crafty mum thats a horse of a different colour lets just say she cant help her self lol big love marc and Hugh and i wants you back ASP