Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Darrell Is Officially Now Able To Look For Lurve ……

Despite my greatest fears ….. Darrell’s profile has been excepted by his online dating site of choice! Woooo hoooo hoooo hooo hooo!!
Darrell DatingHowever, disappointingly, they have still not accepted any of the photos he has submitted so far as his main profile image, because they say his “face is not visible” ?????? But, they have allowed the rejected pictures to go into his gallery ….. which means that any young lady who is “Darrell Curious” will be able to see if he “ticks any of her boxes” of a physical appearance type nature,  when she clicks onto his profile!
Dating DarrellSo as far as Darrell is concerned,  it’s a win, win situation.
Darrells DatingHe’s only been online for a matter of days but already he’s had a little bit of interest,  although no likes or messages yet …… but who knows ………..  what the romantic future may hold!


Mr.D said...

The interview with "Darrell Monkeey" (sic.) on the dating website could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

There might not only be wedding bells for the lovely Laura this year. A Christmas wedding perhaps???????
JantheFan x