Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Carte Postale From Whitby

Yesterday, there was much excitement Chez Castle as a postcard landed on the mat in the porch ……..
….. it was from Jan The Fan, who is on holiday in romantic Whitby!  Well, I say romantic, but I think I mean it in the romantically spooky sense, as it is heavily steeped in the stuff of mystery, legend and swirling mists, the sort of place someone like Derek Acorah would go for his holidays.
According to a very wide-eyed Nigel it was where, “… was foretold many years ago that the young baby Frankincense would be born unto Whitby and he shalt be called Dracula!”  However, though I don’t like to put him down, I think Nigel may have got his horror stories a bit mixed up with the bible stories he’s been hearing at Sunday School,  bless him!!
Still, it is certainly a place for us to consider for our “Bucket List of Places to Visit”, although we are not sure about 199 steps to the abbey, no matter how atmospheric, perhaps they’ll get a lift installed by the time we get there.


Mr.D said...

Great trip JtF.

Anonymous said...

Oh boyz you do make me laugh - a lift up to the abbey - indeedy - there is a double decker bus you can get though if that is any help. You should go for one of the Goth Weekends. Oh my, I can just imagine the outfits from you for that event. Have a look here
JantheFan x

PharmacyMichele said...

How lovely to receive a postcard. Bless poor Nigel getting his stories mixed up, lets hope he doesn't repeat them at Sundsy School & get into trouble.


Anonymous said...

Oh my exciting!... JantF's having a romantic and spooky holiday! ...there will be tales to tell with all this mystery, legend and swirling mists that will keep Nigel's literary imagination in full force! ....sounds like a great adventure for Jan and Nigel! ....Dianne