Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Time To Say Adieu ….. But Not For Too Long ………

Darrell’s partings from Hugh are always such sweet sorrow ……
…… but over their last lunch together, Hugh suggested (Darrell having confided in Hugh of our great disappointment ….. of which more in a day or two) that we all join him at his Worcester pile – Le Chic-kin Coup,  to enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest, our televisual highlight of the year, together ……..
It was an offer that Darrell, on all our behalf's, just could not refuse, watching the Eurovision Song Contest in the rural idyll of Worcester wasn’t quite the same as watching it in real life in Vienna (as we had hoped)  ….. but watching it with Hugh would be a very close second!  
While he was in London Darrell had bought a lottery ticket, because he had a “funny feeling in his waters”, and if he won, he decided that he would be able to buy a couple of family size bags of Monster Munch, some cheesy footballs and perhaps even a box of Thornton's Continentals to go with the Eurovision theme, to help make the evening go with a swing!
Then, it was time for Hugh and his driver to drop Darrell off at Euston for his journey back to Wolverhampton ….. sad, but knowing that in a few weeks time they would be reunited again in wonderful, wonderful music!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Thornton's Special Toffee for me!
Worcestershire with Hugh will be great too.

P.S. Worcestershire Sauce is very popular here in Mexico. They don't struggle with the name, simply calling it "Salsa Inglesa," or "English Sauce."

Anonymous said...

Parting is always better if there is something to look forward to.....more good times await with another great visit on the horizon!...... wishing you the best of lottery luck! .....fun to dream a little dream where the lottery is concerned..... Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-very generous offer from Hugh. Should be an exciting evening watching the Eurovision song contest especially if theres been a lottery win.