Thursday, 30 April 2015

Walkers Cheese MixUps – Our Themed Party Snack Of Choice

After three emotional days, preparations for our “Leaving Party” have started with robust vigour – the chosen theme, after much debate, being 10,000BC,  with a dress code of cavemen or dinosaurs (and yes, Mr D we know dinosaurs weren’t actually around in caveman times, but to quote the song …… “It’s our party and we’ll have dinosaurs if we want to!” – we have much to organise – in particular what comestible snacks to serve our honoured guests……..
……. and so up for our considered consideration Darrell bought home some new Walkers MixUps to try  ……..
……. which, should we go down that aforementioned comestible snack route, would offer our guests the choice of cheesy Wotsits, Doritos, Monster Munch and French Fries all in one bag (or dish, naturally when served properly) and thus save us an awful lot of shopping!  How very brilliant is that? 
There is something to please everyone, and with Monster Munch included, one of our very favourite snacks of choice and oft found in our lunch boxes ….. they also go with our dinosaur theme, by reason of dinosaurs being sort of monsters!
Anyway, we sampled said MixUps with much unbridled enthusiasm, and felt that a score of 100 decibels on our ever changing Richter Scale of Noms was very acceptable, and as such, Walker’s MixUps have passed our discerning palate test and will therefore be served to our caveman and dinosaur guests!!!! 


Mr.D said...

I wasn't even thinking about the anachronism of cave men and dinos.

I was otherwise engaged thinking along the lines of the Raquel Welch in her One Million Years B.C. costume!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant choices ...... party theme and delicious snack! much fun and no need for regret or guilt when it is essential to indulge and taste test party snacks with deeply serious intentions..... all for the enjoyment of guests, of are party planners extraordinaire! Have fun.....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

You always manage to find new & interesting food items. Glad they passed the taste test + are suitable for the party.


Mr.D said...

My post from yesterday doesn't seem to have appeared.
I didn't even consider the Cavemen-dinosaur conundrum.
I was too busy thinking of Raquel Welch and her One million years BC bikini.

marc said...

its a mix match of cheese it cant be anything but cheesetastic in a corn snack way big nom nom love marc