Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Couple Of Days In Evesham …. Local Confectionary.

Evesham has it’s very own Mr Chill’s Traditional Sweet Emporium, which sounds so much more romantic than telling Darrell that I am just popping over to the village Tesco Express or SPAR for our evening televisual confectionary!
And, to add to the romance, Mr Chill’s sells sweets that have to be weighed out in 100gs from jars and then put into stripy paper bags, which adds so much more to the experience and charm of making a considered confectionary purchase.Plus,  they have “rare collectors” local confectionary unique to the shop like Pershore Plum and Custard and Worcester Black Pear …… which is even more special!  I know we have a Mr Simms in Wolverhampton ……..
…….. but they don’t sell said “rare, collectors” local confectionary or have  a mesmerising, seasonal automated Easter Rabbit in their window.
I think Evesham’s magical allure is beginning to have as much affect on Nigel as it is having on me ……. as he mused, quietly, but very significantly …..  “You tell an awful lot about a town ……. by the confectionary it carries!”


Mr.D said...

Rhubarb and custard sweets are great too. Shame they have to sell in 100 grams and you can't get a quarter of something.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Evesham is proving to be full of surprises. The Italian cafe & now a sweet emporium-wonder what tomorrow will bring?!


Anonymous said...

My oh my...... Mr.Chill's has my attention!..... another great Evesham experience much fun would it be to visit and choose your treat for the day and carry it home it in a perfect for the occasion striped confectionary bag .... Evesham has it all!......Dianne

marc said...

a 1/4 of sherbert lemons and 20z of pear drops old school days worcester black pear is lovely worcester is famous for its ciders and pear cider called perry cider its very tasty we can have a glass or two by the river while at one of the events that are on big love marc