Sunday, 12 April 2015

I Give Up!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, while Darrell was away in London,  I decided I would allow myself some quality time, especially as Nigel had taken himself off to town. I thought I would treat myself to an uninterrupted five minutes with the radio, accompanied by a delicate little scooby snack.So, I tuned into Radio 4,  warmed up a couple of chicken skewers, (my uninterrupted snack of choice) and got a brew on …….. ahhhhhhhh, this was going to be pure bliss!When, would you believe it, in bounded Nigel, coming home much earlier than expected …….. he had got exactly what he wanted in the first shop he went in and didn’t fancy mooching, as oft is his want, so came straight home!
And then….. upon seeing my aforementioned, much anticipated skewers, he took one look and declared that they put him in mind of barbecued dormice …… and for that remark, I hold Ant and Dec and I’m A Celebrity to to account!!
As soon as he said it, my appetite immediately disappeared, I just couldn’t face them, and pushed my plate aside, the moment lost!
At which Nigel took up the gauntlet …..“You’re not leaving those …… are you?”
Well, what could I say but, help yourself, and before I could blink, he’d scoffed the lot, nomming contentedly, ending with a little burp and covered in sauce, declaring, to add insult to injury, that they certainly didn’t taste like dormice and that I had missed a treat!
Aggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……….I give up!!!!


Mr.D said...

Nigel is a very messy eater.
Does he need to go in the washing machine?
Not in hot water or he may shrink - like the skin on my fingers when I wash the dishes.

Anonymous said...

Best laid plans and all that Monkey. Stick with Marmite on toast - no mices will have been near that - I don't think. JantheFan x
p.s. I hope you were going to have 5 minutes on that radio with The Archers - Rob and Helen - just what do you think?!? - and as for Daphne the ferret - goodness gracious to me.

PharmacyMichele said...

What s vividly imagination Nigel has! And a good appetite.


Anonymous said...

Add Nigel to the mix and you know those carefully laid plans will go in a whole new direction! .....he did love the skewers and polished them off lickety split! .....those special personal times can be hard to come by, but don't give u, they might be just around the corner if Nigel develops a new fascination ......Love you, Dianne