Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nigel Delivers His Notice

With Darrell and my notice having been given in and accepted, it was all down to Nigel to erm …… deliver the final blow to the kitchen!
Let’s just say he made quite an emotional meal of it, but who were we  to tell him to be anything otherwise, this was his moment, visiting each part of the kitchen that held a special place in his heart, like the Slushie Machines, which he had one day hoped to be promoted too, to dispense the Cosmic Cola and Vimto with a deft and professional elegance!!!
IMG_0009This was followed by the mystical and mahooooooooosive cooking range where The Cook Lady could, if she wanted, have twelve separate things cooking all at the same time, but Nigel had never been witness to such an wonderful occasion ….. and now he probably never would!
The introduction of the Biological Biometric Cashless Society Tills which work at the touch of the purchasers fingertip had been a very exciting innovation for all of us  ……. and though something to aspire to, Nigel knew that he would never have been put in charge of ……. not unless Cook Lady chose to send him away to university for millions of years  to do a professorship or something equally brainy!
IMG_0010And then there were The Cook Lady’s super sized spice jars from which Nigel would watch, across a bustling kitchen, her romantically sprinkle, with great Cook Lady knowledge into many of her signature dishes.  Not even Greg Wallace has spice jars as big as Cook Lady, as Nigel constantly tells us when we watch Masterchef!
IMG_0008IMG_0016 (3)
Things were now getting a little tooooooooo personal and close to home for Nigel ……the hot beverage machine, scene of many a celebratory hot chocolate ……. and the ice cream fridge, the very start of Nigel’s interest in a kitchen career …….
IMG_0006 (2)Nigel knew that it was now time for him to deliver his letter …….
……. perhaps not most opportune of timing, as Cook Lady was in the middle of a chow mein, but, with a preoccupied Cook Lady, Nigel had banked on, with her hands otherwise full, there would be no risk of any physical exchange of an emotional type nature  …… a cuddle that smelt of pizza and deep fat fryers was what he wanted more than anything else in the world ……. but at that moment, he just couldn’t bear it ……..
IMG_0003……. especially with the thought that someone else could be in charge of his sauce rotation,  in a few weeks time and not him!There are times when Nigel is best left alone …..
…… and this was one of them!


Mr.D said...

How emotional.
It will take a while to get over - for both Nigel and Cook Lady.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-he's really taken this to heart. Hope you had some Um Bongo ready at home to calm him down.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear .....the pangs of parting cut deep...... almost too much for one little fella ....Cook will never have such a devoted helper as dear Nigel....but the sun will shine again as I know Nigel has what it takes to be a stalwart pioneer on his way to a new life at Evesham with all it's wonders.....a good cry and perhaps a "pick me up" treat will help ....thinking of you Nigel ......Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness boyz - I'm feeling your pain. The passing of an era............JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Crikey! comment must be floating around in some mysterious dark corner of the net! ....Dianne

marc said...

its so sad but variety is the spice of life and there are new spices to try big love marc #