Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Easter Bunny Has Been …… Again!!!

There was much robust joy Chez Greysquirrel yesterday when we all got in from work because ………. the Transatlantic Easter Bunny had been!The Bunny really being our very special friend Dianne who live in sunny Florida …… she had alluded that a parcel might be on it’s way, but could possibly be late, when on Easter morning we hadn’t woken up to a little something from her ……. the Easter Bunny being, perhaps, delayed in customs!!!!
….. but having Easter all over again was just doubly exciting for us …… making it last longer.
There was an Easter card with an note inside, written in the most romantic loopy writing from Dianne, hinting of what lay inside …………… including  a smorgasbord of very comestible Eastery chocolaty treats,  which we shall very much enjoy partaking of, during our evenings of shared televisual viewing.
There was also a wonderful iced sugar egg for each of us, with a little festive scene inside, we had one last year, but we, not even Nigel, didn’t dare take the tiniest nibble, these are for treasuring, and will be put away safe, to be taken out each year and stories told!
And then there were two delicately tissue wrapped presents for Nigel …….
…….. his little face was a picture, because they contained two Easter t-shirts …. a most welcome gift, as he had only just changed out of the one Dianne sent him last year, which he had insisted on wearing all over the holiday and to be honest, it almost walked to the washer on its own.
I don’t usually encourage acts of nakedness at the utility table, but for once I made an exception, and now Nigel is a pretty cool and much more fragrant bunny!
There was a little book for me, that Dianne said was to note down events of great import during our Greek Odyssey Mark 2, which I shall now put in the passport drawer so I don’t forget it ……..
And finally,  there was a real life Dreamcatcher to catch or let all our dreams pass through …… and we certainly have a lots of those at the moment that we need to pass through …….
…… so Darrell took Nigel upstairs and made sure that it was fastened securely to our bedpost …..
……. to make sure that the Dreamcatcher Legend continues within the bedroom portals of Castle Greysquirrel and our dreams do come true!
What can we say, but “THANK YOU” Dianne, you are a very, very, very special friend xxxx And “Thank You” for making Easter last a little longer for all of us too xxxxxx


Mr.D said...

Two Easters in one year - great.
Well done Diane - you have selected some wonderful gifts.

PharmacyMichele said...

My goodness-I have never seen such a wonderful parcel so full of goodies. The iced sugar eggs look truly amazing + far too pretty to eat. Great t shirts for Nigel-perfect for this sunny weather.


Anonymous said...

It was sent in March so that was a very long trip!... actually thought it might be sitting somewhere in a customs office!.... a quandary when to send it knowing you that you would be going on some wonderful visits to those near and dear to you......glad you liked it all; please know our very best wishes are sent with it....much Love, Dianne

Mr.D said...

Dianne, a Christmas card sent from England on 15th December, reached me in Mexico on 26th March. This was by air mail.

Anonymous said...

Ah Mr. D, it all ads some extra fun wondering where the mail has ventured! ....but I do trust the Royal Mail more than the US postal service...have had quite a few "unexplainable" Twilight Zone experiences with US post.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

The Mexican postal service leaves a lot to be desired. Chances are, a parcel will not arrive at all.

marc said...

great gifts of the wondrous type fab big love marc