Monday, 6 April 2015

Nigel’s Easter Egg Hunt

Darrell and I didn’t see an awful lot of Nigel after breakfast yesterday, as we had organised an Easter Egg Hunt in the “grounds” of Castle Greysquirrel for the little fella!
We didn’t do anything elaborate, no fancy signs, clues, or pointy arrows, this was a pure Bear Grylls  exercise, executed to afford both Darrell and I maximum peace…….
……. and having a large garden for Nigel to cover was always going to be an extra bonus!!!! All we told Nigel at the start of his mission Easter Egg Hunt, should he wish to accept it, was that there were 30 items of an Easter type nature to be found.
At that, Nigel’s powers of initiative kicked in and he made himself a numbered tick list, there was no way any stone would go unturned, every item would be found and accounted for!
I have to say, Nigel is no quitter …..
…… he went out with his bucket and said tick list at 10.45am and returned jubilant, bucket full, at 5.25pm, only taking a short break at about 12.30pm for two egg sandwiches, an apple and a carton of Umbongo!
And, I do admit to feeling a smidgeon of guilt that some of the items of an Easter type nature were VERY well hidden …..
……. hence the time it took Nigel ……
…….. ………. but there again, on the other hand, I don’t think Darrell and I have ever had such a quiet and restful Easter Sunday!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Well done to all of you.
Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz you are nawty - but I do like you! No doubt Nigel is now well and truly snoring in his bed, exhausted after his marathon exploration! JantheFan x

marc said...

well boys little nigel called me and was so excited he had such a fun time being able to climb and go places in the garden by himself where normally he is watched over by now what did he call you o yes old grumpy party poppers lol i did say that was a nice thing to say but he was in a sugar high and was going ten to the dozen the last thing he said to me was cant wait till tomorrow when the easter beagle comes he was off to put dog treats around the garden dont ask but i think Hugh might have said something to him about a easter beagle who comes on a monday who can say big love marc opps think it might have been this

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-well done Nigel! Was a little concerned to read Nigel was drinking Um Bongo during the day especially on Easter Sunday but it sounds like he needed it to find 30 items hidden in the garden. Let's hope he doesn't eat everything at once!


Di said...

Tee,hee! DAT woz a good rooz :-) xx

Anonymous said...

An inspired egg hunt idea! and a good time for one and Easter day scrambling around the garden hunting eggs is certain to be a young monkey's idea of the perfect day!.....Dear Nigel was intrepid and a real trooper doing his best to find those eggs .......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Your link got me to listen to Beethoven's 6th symphony - the first time in a while.