Monday, 20 April 2015

Darrell’s Jewellery Heaven–Hirst Antiques

Hugh had to pop and see Antoine, his  life coach, who had recommended that he have a quick colonic followed by a hot stone massage …. to  “reclaim”, he said, his system …….. 
Hirst-Antiques-e1376943802280…….. and rather than Darrell wait outside for him, with the unseemly potential of him being able to overhear a series of strange gurgling and grunting sounds (perhaps from the other clients, but certainly not Hugh!), Hugh suggested that Darrell might like to take a wander round Notting Hill, where they could meet  later for a cactus and aloe-vera Slush Puppy when Hugh had finished.
Well, Darrell didn’t need any persuading, as he had secretly set his heart on visiting Hugh’s very favourite jewellery shop, Hirst Antiques. It always seemed that whenever Darrell admired one of Hugh’s “pieces” he would invariably reply that it came from Hirst’s…….
…… and Darrell was hoping that after all Hugh’s tutoring and being witness to his exquisite taste that he might be able to pick out a small statement piece for himself ……….
…….. or if he wasn’t brave enough, just look and oooooooo and ahhhhhhhh dans le French style, like Hugh!
It was almost too much for Darrell to take in, never, ever had he seem so many beautiful, beautiful jewels in one place …..
a……. and the inside the shop was exactly the same, all vintage, in every style imaginable, placed in romantic display cases  ……. every single piece stunning in it’s own right, how Hugh was able to pick out just one signature piece at a time to add to his collection Darrell just couldn’t even begin to comprehend!
However, it has to be said that on this occasion, Darrell didn’t feel able to make the considered purchase he had hoped for, it was a just a little too overwhelming, but he promised himself that next time he would, just as long Hugh was able to go with him to advise  ………


Mr.D said...

Next time - something special.

PharmacyMichele said...

Wise decision-you shouldn't rush buying jewellery. The next visit will be even more exciting.


marc said...

Hugh just loves that shop and they love Hugh (just between us good friends here and i know Hugh is busy and wont see this his collection is not as massive as it seems they often loan Hugh their most expensive bits and bobs to wear at premiers and such like as its great advertising for them and as for Hugh he gets to show off even more and be admired his most fav thing ever lol )but they do have such lovely things and at all prices and most are one offs or vintage limited editions big love marc

Anonymous said...

What a remarkable treasure trove .....gorgeous designs and lovely colours everywhere you look! ......perhaps a special piece will catch your eye next time.....Dianne