Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Sad, But Tinged With Bittersweet Joy, Sunday

As robustly planned during the week, this morning we all sat down at the  table to write our letters of resignation from work, drawing a close to an epic era for us.
I knew it would be emotional, so I took the liberty of issuing everyone with a man-size tissue, (should they need it), as well as a pen and paper, and then we all retreated into our own world of memories and suchlike to compose said letters.
Nigel finished his letter first, the words coming straight from his heart ……….
…… and then Darrell and I allowed him the dignity to let his sobs, tears, and rather a lot of snot flow unfettered and for as long as it took.
Darrell was more stoic, until he read his letter back and then he too gave in to his emotion.
I didn’t think I would need my hankie, but I suppose the  mood of the others was contagious …… and as I signed my letter I embraced the moment too.
And although sad, especially knowing that we now have to go through the raw emotion of presenting of our letters to our respective bosses in the coming week   ….. our decision has been made, the die has been cast  ….. and we know that we have sooooo much to look forward to and plan for the future ………
…….. including …… dare we say ……a leaving party!!!!!


Mr.D said...

How sad, but it is for the best.
Your bosses and the pupils will be very sad.

YorkshireKaren said...

This day will only be sad for a little while, then you will be filled with happiness, excitement and joy as you look forward to the adventures your new lives will bring you. Good luck!

PharmacyMichele said...

As you say-very emotional but such lovely things to look forward to. Seeing baby Iris more, finding a new home and possibly a leaving party...!


Anonymous said...

Change in our lives often means gathering all our courage to go forward......your good memories and the friendships will remain with you as you bravely go to Evesham and all it holds for your future!.....more good things will be coming your way.......tears for now as it should be, but smiles ahead .....Much Love, Dianne