Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Eurovision 2015 Boyz Night In For Hugh And Darrell

Esc2015logoYesterday Hugh, with a very excited flounce,  announced to Darrell that he “…..‘ad zee tres, tres, tres, tres grande surprise…. for tonight, mon ami, I ‘ave planned zee watching of zis years chansons for zee Eurovision Song Contest ……!”
“It will …..” he continued “……be ’ow you say, bittersweet, because I know ‘ow you had set your ‘art on going in zee real life zis year ……”    (N.B…..but of that…. more in a week or so’s time) “But, I ‘ave got zee special previewing recording made, and we can ‘ave zee fun trying to pick zee winners no? And zen you, Monkey and zee darlink little Nigel must come and stay avec moi, ven zee contest is on and we will watch it all together no, and see if we is making zee right choices ……..
Hugh had also arranged for his Chef de Maison and Assistant Sous Chef to prepare a few snacks …..
……. “ Zis is zee sort of evening I dream of, like in the films, no? A girlie night in but for zee boyz  …… once Simone Cowelle and I tried to do it, but our diaries, oh la la, zay were just too complicated and packed jam, you know? ……..
…… but tonight, I can share with you, Darrelle” and then poor Hugh came over all emotional of a showbiz type nature, “Sometimes, “zee” showbiz life is not all it’s cracked up to be” thought Darrell………
…….. “Sometimes trying to keep up with “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is impossible even for the rich and famous!”
Anyway, after a wonderful “Eurovision Boyz Night In” Darrell and Hugh’s considered opinion is that Italy will definitely be the winners, with Moldova, and Denmark in the top three ….. the UK could also be there in the top five  ….. and “zee” absolute outsider coming up on the inside leg to upset zee apple cart could possibly be Hungary!! So remember, you read it here first!!


Mr.D said...

It is that time of the year again?
Inky pinky parlez vous.

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-insider info on tbe Eurovision song contest, soubds like a great evening was had by the two of you. Even better if you can go back & watch the contest with Hugh.


Anonymous said...

Hugh does live the good life! and always with Notting Hill style .......Hugh being "in the know" does make for exciting fun... good friends sharing good times is always the best no matter when or where!.....Dianne