Friday, 3 April 2015

A Couple Of Days In Evesham …… And Then Perhaps A Lifetime???????

Last night I sat up into the early hours of the morning telling Tom and The Lovely Laura just how much Nigel and I had embraced and taken the pleasures and convivial climate of Evesham to our hearts  … more than on any of our previous visits, it was if we were seeing the town with different eyes, almost through new glasses in fact. 
……… And then, very gradually the notion that one day perhaps Darrell, Nigel and I might even consider leaving Wolverhampton and Castle Greysquirel for the said pleasures of Evesham seemed to gather in my mind ……..
……. the idea of moving closer to them and Baby Iris gave me a weirdly spooky, Derek Acorah, type goose-bumpy feeling both inside and out! I was thinking almost the unthinkable ……. but then again ….. why was it so unthinkable? All I knew, when I finally got into bed, was that I needed to gather Darrell and Nigel round the table in our utility for a family debate, where I could air my thoughts and they could be muted …………I was a little frightened but not fearful, if that makes sense?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant ideas often come unexpectedly; but can be the perfect answer to those little questions that float around in our mind ....some things are meant to be and fit the situation perfectly ....... much to think about as you ponder the opportunity to go forward to this lovely place with Tom, Laura, and dear baby Iris.... might be a wonderful opportunity to be on hand to help baby Iris grow! ......Love,Dianne

Mr.D said...

Wow. Important decisions. That will be a major conversations. Sleep on it and have a gut feeling about it.

Evesham's gain will be Wolverhampton's loss.

Moving isn't as huge a thing as some people think. I have moved cities and countries a number of times and it is fine.

Evesham will take you to their heart.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oooh-the possibility of moving to a new area, very exciting. Can't wait to hear the discussions about this.


marc said...

as they say the times are a'changing you dont need to rush things you have time on your side but it wont be to far from our country pad so we could meet up and of course you can stay with us big love marc rick and Hugh