Saturday, 11 April 2015

Darrell Prepares To Visit Hugh Dans Notting Hill.

Darrell is off to visit Hugh, his best friend and mentor who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill , which is why Darrell nipped into town yesterday afternoon to find a little something for Hugh, to say “thank you” for his hospitalization hospitality.
Now, Hugh isn’t exactly the easiest person to make a considered purchase for, even “Simone Cowelle” has his difficulties, however, Darrell knows Hugh pretty well by now, and has noticed that though Hugh is very generous in an overtly Elton John type way to his friends and staff, he sometimes forgets to treat himself, and despite all his glitz, glamour, high heels, frou frou and feather boas, Hugh’s taste can be quite simple and unstarry!
So Darrell, bless him, had a pretty good idea of what said simple things Hugh would like ……
…….. starting with  a quarter of fizzy fish, because, despite it’s world renowned  reputation, it’s something Darrell knows that Hugh’s equivalent to our village Tesco Express, Harrods just doesn’t stock and is something Hugh has the occasion to hanker for!
Hugh also very much appreciates a dunked chocolate Leibniz biscuit with his morning coffee while he gossips with his cleaner, and Darrell was particularly thrilled to find a white chocolate variety, which he didn’t think Hugh has tried before, so it that was a no brainer to pop a couple of packets into his suitcase as well.And finally, there was two mahoooosive of bags of big value Vejazzles, one white and one milk chocolate, which Darrell just knew Hugh would serve all mixed together in one of his fine cut glass bonbon dishes, as they sat and watched, back to back, all the episodes of "The Great British Bake Off" Hugh had missed due to his hectic showbiz schedule and many charity commitments. Darrell could almost hear Hugh whisper to him .... "Zat Pawl Hollywoods, 'ee 'as zee most beauuuuuuutiful blue eyes, no, Darrelle? .....  And zee way 'ee kneads 'is dough ...... is zee magic .........?" 
Ah, the lives of the rich and famous …….they are no that different from our own really !!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Plus a bottle of vodka. Gin is "mother's ruin," but I don't think vodka will be Monkey's mum's ruin.

I can see you can eat Mega Jewelz. What about Vejazzles?

PharmacyMichele said...

Who wouldn't enjoy all those yummy treats? Hope Nigel has fun staying with Hugh.


Anonymous said...

Hugh is bound to be pleased with all the care and effort by Darrell in choosing these wonderful goodies!.....Love the Great British Bake Off.....missed several episodes but saw the can gain weight just watching that show!....Fun and good times ahead!!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Lots of giggles coming from here boyz. That Darrell knows how to tempt a girl like me, never mind that Huey boy from La Big Smokey! Me thinks a little zee hamper for zee self, me, iz in order - no? - biggie fattie Yes!!! (You might be able to tell from those last few words what programme I have been watching tonight!!!) JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I think I know what programme you have been watching.
Coronation Street?
Did anyone say "Good moaning" or "Listen carefully as I will say this only once?" Any mention of "the flying helmet and the wet celery?" However these were used.....