Monday, 13 April 2015

Five Minutes In ….. And Hugh Festoons Darrell With De Rigueur Jewels

It felt so gooooooooood for Darrell to be back in London to spend a few days with Hugh, his best friend and mentor who lives “zee” showbiz lifestyle in Notting Hill.
Just the characteristic and now very familiar smell of the London Underground filled Darrell with chills of excitement and anticipation!
And, as per usual,  Hugh welcomed Darrell with very welcoming arms, amidst much air kissing, typical Hugh showbiz frou frou ………
……. and the jangling of what Darrell surmised was the latest of the most de rigueur type jewellery ……..
…….. which naturally he just couldn’t ignore.
“Oh Darrelle I was so tres, tres, tres fortunate no?  Zis was all zee gifts from my latest interview and zee photo-shoot no? Zay say, Hugh, no one could ever vear zis like you ….. take it, take, take it …… vell, it voud ‘ave looked rude not too, no?”
“But, I kept a little for you too ……”
And then promptly sent his PA to find the jewels that he had set aside for Darrell.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh …..Darrelle, zey suit you sooooooooo vell darlink and now you are so far ahead of zee trends zat even zee people in zee know, don’t even know!” and then added “Maybe, I warn you, zat zey are zee little bit heavy, you know,  but in zee wonderful life zat is showbiz sometimes you ‘ave to suffer to be zee icon, no?”  Oh how Darrell LOVED Hug and his showbiz ways!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Great for Darrell and Hugh, and Mum and Marc, to see each other again.
How will the jewels go down in Wolverhampton? How about Evesham?

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-how very generous of Hugh! Might want to be careful wearing them in Wolverhampton as there's some jealous people about these dsys.


Anonymous said...

So much fun with Hugh and Darrell true shining stars glittering away in London!.....Hugh's generosity is unfailing and his friends are so very fortunate......great beginning to another special visit .....enjoy every moment! ....Dianne