Wednesday, 20 May 2015

STOP PRESS ........Eurovision Semi Finals

We can’t believe it ……. we had a glorious night last night watching the semi finals of Eurovision …… with our money firmly on Moldova and Denmark to claim, in our opinion, their rightful place in the finals on Saturday. So imagine the shock that rocked our lounge when they failed …….. we just sat in silence for at least ten minutes when we heard the results, before Darrell got up and said he was putting the Horlicks on!!!  What an absolute shocker ….. Moldova and Denmark being out, not Darrell putting the Horlicks on!!!!!!
So, we still have Italy, who get an automatic entry to said finals ……. but now we must study the form yet again …….. we think Hungary could be the rank outsider and surprise everyone, but, we shall be watching very carefully on Thursday night for the second semi finals, because from our judgement so far, we are obviously not in tune to the rest of Europe!!!!


Mr.D said...

More like the rest of Europe is not in tune with you!

Anonymous said...

My, oh my .....the ups and downs of Eurovision are giving you quite an emotional ride ....... is Darrell in a full blown state of shock? ......where fame and fortune are concerned, there are often surprises one will never understand.... chin up and don't give up!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

I am taking your valuable critique on board boyz! JantheFan x