Monday, 11 May 2015

Rain And Blustery Winds Will NOT Stop Play!

DISASTER – we had set up the grounds of The Castle in plenty of time to allow us an ample sufficiency of time in order to prepare all the comestibles for our guests  and then …… disaster struck in the guise of a very intemperate temperature, we had taken the step of texting everyone to suggest that they perhaps bring a sensible cardigan or pashmina …… but then wind and rain ensued too!
I thought Darrell would be terribly down hearted after all his work, but he just sprang into action again, and moved everything all indoors …….
…….. with Nigel’s and my help, naturally.
It was going to be a snug fit, but we reasoned that in 10,000BC caveman (and perhaps dinosaurs) would have been used to huddling in their caves for warmth …… so we turned down the heating for added authenticity!
When everything that could be done, had been done, Darrell and Nigel double checked that they had enough of the party favours they had made to present to each of our guests as they left (another London touch, suggested by Hugh) – “Oh Darlings, zee jars are soooooo tres de rigueur dans zee Notting Hill partie circuit zis year!” he had told Darrell. “….. you simply must ‘ave zem!”

Nigel had set his heart on one too …… and so unbeknownst to Darrell he had secreted one away  …… but promised himself that if there was one short, he would relinquish it ……what is he like?
The scene was finally set ….. all we needed now, to quote Pink, was “to get this party started


Mr.D said...

Seing as you already have jars of "Dino Poop," you could have another job as a party pooper, I mean party planner.

Great "job."

PharmacyMichele said...

Darrel seemed to take the quick change of venues well. Did he know Nigel had hidden a jar of sweets though?!


Anonymous said...

Sacre Bleu!...the best laid plans of mice and men, etc! ..Darrell is a true party planner ready for come what may....truly a special talent that should be explored for his future plans .....what young adventurous monkey could possibly resist Dino Poop?...a must have for Nigel's memory box .....this is all so impressive and we know everyone will love all of the fab details....