Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sooooo Excited We Became Uncharacteristically Remiss!

Eurovision was just too wonderful for words, BUT we got soooooooo excited and wrapped up in the occasion, especially being with Hugh, that our usual meticulous coverage you have witnessed in the past, disappeared like a great "poooouuuuffff" in one of Hugh's productions!  We were quite frankly rubbish!!!  And for that we have to apologise ..... after our mahooooosive build up, we offered you very little.
During the afternoon Hugh, aided and abetted by a very willing Darrell and Nigel created an homage to last years Eurovision winner Conchita and Rise Like A Phoenix ....... using the net curtains in the lounge window 
And I think from there on in, it set the tone for the rest of the evening!
As the countdown began the excitement was both hugely tangible and palpable ...... and once the show began .......
That was it, we just sat totally entranced ...... Darrell tweeted a tiny bit, but it was too much of a distraction ......  if he was twittering, no matter how insightful, he was aware that he could/would miss something ..... and missing anything was too awful to contemplate.

In the end, it was Sweden, who were always the bookies favourite, who were the victors ..... Italy were up there too, as we had predicted in third place and Hugh spotted Belgium as an outsider who came fourth.  The UK sadly only received five points, ending in 24th position out of 27!!!  Hmmmmmm

It was a wonderful night,as we said, perhaps not remembered on our blog for our glorious commentary, but dearly cherished by us, as an evening when great friends came together to share and embrace a very special time, for once, without the distractions of social media!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very wonderful that your excellent good time sharing this favourite yearly event with each other was as special and exciting as Eurovision itself!......more special memories with Hugh......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Five points is better than nil points (in French).