Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hellmann’s Mayo–Bringing Out The Best

Ok … us……. but party time chez Castle Greysquirrel  is just too much of  an opportune type moment not to partake in a little blatant product placement – to wit, one jar of Hellmann’s Mayo sent to us by BzzAgent -  - which all came about when Darrell thought it would be a no brainer to sign us all up since we love reviewing new products, especially of a comestible type nature and, as we will very soon no longer be chained to a work desk (or steamy kitchen) it could make an interesting little hobby,  so, this is the first campaign we have been invited to join …and bzzzzzzz about ……..To be honest, we feel a little bit like cheats as Hellmann’s is already our  rich and creamy mayonnaise of choice, nothing else will do  ……not only on our sandwiches, salads and as a dip for Nigel’s favourite carrot stick crudités …….
……..  but Darrell can also wholeheartedly  recommend it as a conditioning hair mask, a softener for his cuticles pre manicure and to sooth sunburn ……….not to mention as an excellent exfoliant for the dead skin on his feet!!!! 
However, we digress …….. we shall indeed be using this very generous “free” jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise to make a potato salad, a red cabbage coleslaw, and a very acceptable Waldorf salad, plus a variety of extremely tasty dips for all our honoured guests at our 10,000BC Caveman and Dinosaur Party ……. we can almost hear the nom nom nomming from here!!!!
For more Hellmann’s recipes have a look at  ……… ……however for Darrell’s mayonnaise inspired beauty tips you may have to e-mail him!!!


Mr.D said...

You have made me want Hellmann's too!

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-I don't even like mayonnaise but you're very convincing with your write up. You have found your true vocation I think!


Anonymous said...

Lurrrrvvvvvvvvve Hellmans - I think you need to make Coronation Chicken with it - yummy - one for your party AND of course to celebration our new Princess!!!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Here in the US Hellmann's is also revered as the VERY best mayonnaise.....your salad line up sounds sooo delicious! ....never heard of Darrell's exfoliant beauty tip; but I have heard of using mayonnaise on those nasty white rings (from a glass) that show up on your good wood furniture ..... this party planning is sounding more delicious and fun every day!....can't wait for the next party revelation!...Love you, Dianne