Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Fishgate Breakthrough?

While we are away in Worcester staying with Hugh, Lucy has been put on "high alert pond watch" re: our missing fish, and yesterday, we received (via text) what could be breakthrough news, as it seems that while she was doing the washing up, she glanced up and saw, from the window, a very large, black crow swoop down and land on the boards that we had put down as a temporarily measure to further protect our pond …… perhaps a gesture too late, seeing as the fish already seem to have bolted ...... but still!
She said that the said intruder appeared to be dipping some sort of avian comestible in the water to soften it and certainly cast a formidable shadow over the water!
We have now, after studying Lucy's attached photographs put this crow (or infidel as Nigel has called it) firmly in the frame as the main suspect to have, please pardon the expression, put the willies up our unaccounted for fish ……  We have told Lucy to continue her watch for any further developments ...... which we intend to full investigate upon our return home!


Mr.D said...

Gawd blimey, stone the crows.

PharmacyMichele said...

Am sure your fish are hiding deep in their pond-I would be if I saw that huge black creature appear!!


Anonymous said...

Aha!... a suspect, complete with a picture of him (or her) taken at the scene of what might be a dastardly crime ..... still hoping there is a way for a happy ending....